Aloha Stained Glass
The popularity of stained glass has continued to grow for years as new enthusiasts install
stained glass in their homes. Stained glass is attractive in many ways, blending colored glass to
compliment interior decoration and enhance exterior views, or adding leaded design to
otherwise empty spaces, while making an elegant statement to the pride an owner takes in
their home.

Stained glass can be used in a great variety of applications. It has been said that your
entrance makes the first, strongest and most lasting impressions to your visitors, so it makes
sense that many doors, sidelights and transoms have stained glass installed to compliment the
decorative styles of a home.

Feature windows in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms are popular as attractions that
offer an alternative to difficult to clean window treatments and also ad privacy. Stained glass
panels installed as room dividers are an attractive alternative to solid walls and allow natural
light to penetrate to interior spaces.

Stained glass cabinet panels are one of the most popular choices for home interior decorators,
as these panels are a great way of introducing or continuing a design motif in kitchens or
hutches. Panels can be clear or transparent to show off the cabinet's contents or can be
opaque to hide clutter.

Personal choices of design, colors, and function can be dramatically interpreted in stained glass
to exactly suit any individual's sense of style.

Whether you are a interior designer or do-it-yourselfer, anyone can enjoy the beautiful vision
of stained glass.